Mp Style Earphone / Headset / Earpiece for Maxon Radio (Right Angle 2 Pin)

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This MP style Maxon radio 2 pin earpiece is a low-cost solution for the two way radio user who wants private communication. The earpiece has a great sound quality and its very comfortable!!

A coiled wire leaves the radio and goes to a large push to talk and microphone which is designed to perform well in the loudest atmospheres. The second wire goes from the microphone/PTT unit to earpiece.

This earpiece for Maxon radio features a 90 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

  • Ultimate comfort, stays in place.
  • The hidden micro-speaker is located in the centre of PTT switch.
  • PTT microphone can be clipped near the lapel, collar or to the vest.
  • Great for anyone that finds the ear buds on covert acoustic tube earpieces irritating to wear.
  • Built-in electric microphone.
  • This earpiece compatible with 2 pin Maxon radios.
  • Package included: MP type earpiece + ear pud + spare ear pud.
  • Compatible with This earpiece designed to work with following two pin Maxon radios.
    Maxon SL Series SL25, SL55, SL70.
    Maxon SP Series SP100, SP120, SP130, SP140, SP5000.
    Maxon PL Series PL1145, PL2215, PL2245, PL2445.
    Other series 0500 and many more.

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