PRO-HD Earpiece for Multi Pin Kenwood Radio

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This earpiece fitted with good quality Kevlar cabling and strain relief that is built to last.

One of our best is the professional covert acoustic Kevlar noise isolating earpiece for multi pin Kenwood radio, also called PRO HD. This type of earpiece is designed to seal in your ear canal and comes with large high impact polycarbonate microphone / PTT which means you can listen and send messages uninterrupted by the noise around you. The earpiece is robustly built, with well made Kevlar cables and good strain relief to protect the cabling from damage. The acoustic tube and most parts can be detached and replaced in case they get damaged - a very useful feature when you are working in a night clubs. The design makes this type of headphone perfect for bodyguards and door supervisors.

Sound quality and the clarity are exceptional. Highly recommended! This Kenwood multi pin earpiece also suitable for down sleeve, under clothing operation or can be clipped near the lapel or to the vest. This fit system works very well for security officers and door supervisors, although it does take a bit of practice to get the hang of - it really is worth the effort. If you are serious about your job then this type of Kenwood multi pin earpieces should satisfy your craving for the best possible quality earphones you can get your hands on.

This Kenwood multi pin earpiece features a 90 day money back guarantee.

  • Professional covert earpiece with polycarbonate microphone, also called PRO-HD.
  • Excellent durability, reliability and performance. Fitted with high quality coiled wire.
  • Built-in noise cancelling microphone. Sound quality and the clarity are exceptional.
  • Suitable for down sleeve, under clothing operation. Coiled wire for convenient use.
  • The design makes this type of earpiece perfect for bodyguards and security guards.
  • Package included: Black wired earpiece + acoustic tube with earbud + extra earbud.
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