KSC-24 Charger for Kenwood Radio

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At the start of a shift you need the reassurance knowing your Kenwood radio is fully charged and not going to die on you. This can be a risk with low quality chargers that use cheap components. They can either take a long time to fully recharge a radio or their charging ability depletes rapidly from use. You won’t face either of these problems with this charger for Kenwood radios.

This Kenwood charger features a special microprocessor that can fill a battery like lightning. It also has overcharge protection that halts the fast charging mode once the battery reaches 90 percent capacity. This protects the battery and will increase its longevity. The charger then switches to trickle mode until the radio battery is fully topped up ready for action.

This charger features a 90 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

  • Model: KSC24. Colour: Black.
  • Excellent charging ability.
  • Made from high quality materials.
  • LED charging / charged indicator.
  • Charge battery with or without radio attached.
  • Complete with UK 3-pin mains charger adaptor.
  • Compatible with Kenwood radios and batteries.
  • Compatibility This charger designed to work with following Kenwood radios and batteries.
    Kenwood TK Series TK-2202, TK-2206, TK-2201, TK3201, TK-2207, TK-2212, TK-2217, TK-2306 TK-2307, TK-3201, TK-3202, TK-3212, TK-3217, TK-3306, TK-3307, TK-2200, TK-3200, TK TK-3206, TK-2207G, TK-3207G, TK-2302P, TK-3302P and many more.
    Kenwood batteries KNB-14, KNB-15, KNB-16, KNB-17A, KNB-17B, KNB-20N, KNB-21N, KNB-22N and many more

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