G Shape Earpiece for Uniden Radio - 1 Pin

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This G shape earpiece for 1 pin Uniden radio is a low-cost solution for the two way radio user who wants private communication. This is a very comfortable rubberised Uniden 1 pin earpiece and currently being used by Police forces & some other emergency services in the UK.

A coiled wire leaves the radio and goes to a large push to talk and microphone which is designed to perform well in the loudest atmospheres. The second wire goes from the microphone / PTT unit to a G-shaped earpiece.

This earpiece for Uniden radio features a 90 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

  • The G shape earpiece fits over the users ear.
  • Coiled wire for convenient use.
  • PTT microphone can be clipped near the lapel, collar or to the vest.
  • Great for anyone that finds the ear buds on covert acoustic tube earpieces irritating to wear.
  • Built-in electric microphone.
  • The hidden micro-speaker is located in the centre of PTT switch.
  • This earpiece compatible with 1 pin Uniden radios.
  • Package included: G shape earpiece + ear pud + spare ear pud.
  • Compatible with This earpiece designed to work with all Uniden radios that required single 2.5mm jack.
    Uniden PMR Series PMR845, PMR885.
    Uniden GMR Series GMR2838-2CK, GMR1636-2C, GMR2240-2CK, GMR2889-2CK, GMR3689-2CK, GMR3699-2CK, GMR2238-2CK, GMR1038-2CK, GMR1048-2CK, GMR1058-2CK, GMR1088-2CK, GMR1438-2CK, GMR1448-2CK, GMR1558-2CK, GMR1588-2CK, GMR1595-2CK, GMR1838-2CK, GMR2059-2CK, GMR2089-2CK, GMR2099-2CK, GMR2872-2CK, GMR2875-2CK, GMRS480, GMRS480-2, GMRS520, GMRS520-2, GMRS522-2, GMRS720, GMRS720-2, GMRS750-2CK.
    Uniden FRS Series FRS1200, FRS1400, FRS1400-2, FRS300, FRS300-2, FRS400, FRS400-2, FRS400-2BK, FRS400G, FRS400G-2, FRS420, FRS420-2, FRS440, FRS440-2, FRS500-2, FRS550W.
    Uniden TR Series TR620, TR620-2, TR622-2.
    Uniden LT Series LT911 and many more

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