Covert Listen Earpiece for Motorola Talkabout - 2 Pin

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his listen only covert earpiece for 2 pin Motorola Talkabout radio has excellent voice quality, is small and more concealed than any other earpiece and enables you to use a radio without attracting attention. The clear acoustic tube is hidden behind the ear and cables routed under clothing. It is ideal for noisy and quiet environments as it helps block out ambient noise and incoming radio traffic is private to the wearer and impossible to hear by someone stood nearby.

This earpiece is designed to work with any Motorola Talkabout radio that has a standard 3.5mm jack socket. Most two pin and single pin Motorola Talkabout radios have this socket. It will also work with any mobile phones with 3,5mm jack socket, including Iphone, blackberry etc, MP3 and MP4 players, laptops, computers, DAB radios and other portable audio devices.

This earpiece for Motorola Talkabout radio features a 90 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

  • Single wire listen only earphone kit.
  • Provides excellent reliability and performance.
  • Suitable for use with shoulder radio.
  • No microphone is included in this kit.
  • Surgical grade acoustic tube earphone.
  • Wire Length 110cm plus eartube.
  • 3.5 mm connector jack.
  • Compatibility: 2 Pin Motorola Talkabout Radios.
  • Compatibility This earpiece designed to work with all two pin Motorola Talkabout radios.
    Motorola Talkabout T Series TA200, T250, T5022.
    Motorola Distance Series Distance, Distance DPS.
    Other Series Motorola Talkabout Basic, Sport 10X.

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