2 x OTTO Earpiece for Sepura Radio - 1 Pin

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This earpiece fitted with good quality Kevlar cabling and strain relief that is built to last.

The Otto Company primarily designs products and accessories for security, public safety, fire fighters, hospitality, entertainment and other fields. Some of the popular accessories that are manufactured by the Otto Company are the microphones, surveillance kits, heavy duty headsets and ear hangers. The most common type of a light weight headset is the explorer that resembles a flexible ear hanger. It can be worn on the right or the left ear based on the comfort. The main function of the light weight headset is to transmit audio without any interruption. This can be easily adjusted and are very compatible to use.

Sound quality and the clarity are exceptional. Highly recommended!

The surveillance kits are the most popular products that are manufactured by the Otto Company. The surveillance kits come in different designs and features based on the needs and requirements of the customers. It generally comes along with the rotating ear hanger or a monitoring kit. It has a soft rubber ear loop and hence they are very comfortable and easy to use. The Otto Company also supplies the replacement parts for speaker, microphone and other kits. The wireless ear receiver is one of the most popular wireless accessories that are manufactured by the company of Otto.
A highly specialised Manufacturer based in the United States of America designing audio accessories specifically for the two-way radio market.

Suitable for down sleeve, under clothing operation or can be clipped near the lapel or to the vest.

Otto is very well known for its integrated network and huge number of trusted customers throughout the world. The Otto Company is located at around 123 places all over the world in 20 countries. The company is well known for various innovative techniques in the field of communication. This was the first company to launch online sale of products in the year 1990.They manufacture several varieties of products in various designs for the customers. Some of the products that are manufactured by the Otto Company are heavy duty headsets, adapters, wireless accessories and speaker microphones.

Suitable for single pin Sepura radios:

  • Package Quantity: Pack of 2 Earpieces.
  • Compatibility This earpiece designed to work with all Sepura radios that required single 2.5mm jack.
    Sepura SRP Series SRP2000, SRP3000.
    Sepura SRH Series SRH3500, SRH3800, SRH3900.

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